TheIdealBeauty's Miss Netherlands 2011

TIB's Miss Netherlands 2011 (People's Choice Awards)

 YOU chooce the Winner! Vote online now! 

For the first time in the history, we are looking for Theidealbeauty's Miss Netherlands 2011. Who should win the title of TheIdealbeauty's Miss Netherlands 2011 (People Choice Awards). The Winner gets a baby Diamond Trophy (the mini Version of TIB's Trophy). Votings are open starting from now until June 24 – The Winner will be announced at the Grand Final of Miss Netherlands 2011 on July 10, 2011

More infos about Miss Nederland: MissNederland 2011 by Kim Kötter (photocredits: Miss Nederland) 


Top 3 (In Random Order) - Total: 17042 Votes                       The Voting Results from will be added to the Voting Results from

4. Miss Gelderland, Pinar Arslan - 1984 Votes

5. Miss Zuid-Holland, Sushma Pahladsing - 1412 Votes

6. Miss Flevoland, Jill Duijves - 1114 Votes


07. Miss Friesland, Mary-Anne Kammeron - 594 Votes

08. Miss Noord Holland, Luna Voce - 555 Votes

09. Miss Limburg, Kelly Weekers - 525 Votes

10. Miss Overijssel, Feike Huisman - 487 Votes

11. Miss Zeeland, Lisanne Visser - 134 Votes

12. Miss Brabant, Sandy Lufino - 99 Votes


The Finalists

Miss Overijssel - Feike Huisman


Miss Drenthe - Jill Lauren de Robles


Miss Groningen - Renée Brouwer



    Miss Friesland - Mary-Anne Kammeron


Miss Noord-Holland - Luna Voce


Miss Zuid-Holland - Sushma Pahladsing


Miss Flevoland - Jill Duijves 


Miss Gelderland - Pinar Arslan


Miss Noord-Brabant - Sandy Lufino


Miss Limburg - Kelly Weekers


Miss Zeeland - Lisanne Visser


Miss Utrecht - Mariah Petersen


Thema: TheIdealBeauty's Miss Netherlands 2011

Date: 08/07/2011

By: Joost

Subject: Miss Utrecht

Miss Utrecht wordt de nieuwe Miss Nederland!!!!!!

Date: 08/07/2011

By: Mario

Subject: Miss Drenthe

All voters are right! You have the title girl! Netherlands should be proud

Date: 08/07/2011

By: Bouke

Subject: Amazing Drenthe..

My God what a beautiful woman! Dazzling

Date: 08/07/2011

By: Jacob

Subject: Miss Netherlands, Drenthe

Wat is Miss Drenthe een ontzettend mooie meid!!
Ik denk dat zij Miss Nederland wordt..

Date: 08/07/2011

By: Roberto

Subject: Miss Utrecht

Mariah, you are very pretty and you have beautiful name: MARIAH.

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