Sarah Chapman

Miss Nevada USA 2O11 - Sarah Chapman


TIB - Who is Sarah Chapman?

Sarah I am a fun-loving and grateful person that can find the positive in just about everything. :)

TIB - Tell us something that will make us remember you.

Sarah Most people's "pick me up" is coffee, mine is a spritz of perfume on my wrist. :)

TIB - What was your most embarassing moment?

Sarah This is a painful memory... literally. I was getting ready to go on a date with this guy for the first time, so I was a little nervous. As I invited him into my house, I remembered I left my purse upstairs. Unfortunately, as I turned to run up the stairs my pants got caught on my heel and I went tumbling down to the ground to meet my carpet face to face. Needless to say, my purse is always downstairs now.  :)

TIB - What song brings lump to your throat every time you hear it?

Sarah The song "I Believe" sung by Diana DeGarmo. It reminds me of how I felt the very moment I was crowned Miss Nevada USA 2011. 

TIB - If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

Sarah If you gave me an elephant I would have no reason to hide it! I'd name it and take it in as family.

TIB - Before you meet your prince charming, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. Your comments?

Sarah I'd rather high five the frogs than kiss them.

TIB - What special message do you have for your fans, and to all people around the world?

Sarah The very first thing that comes to mind is, "Thank you!" Thank you for believing in me and supporting me in this journey to become Miss USA 2011. I do not believe in losing so whether I win by being crowned June 19th as Miss USA or win by having the time of my life representing Nevada to the best of my ability while making new friends, I will forever be grateful for the chance to follow my dreams with all of your support. I hope in some way this journey inspires you to follow your dreams and to believe in your ability to do ANYTHING your heart desires.




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