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Let’s begin with Europe. Theidealbeauty was born in this continent, in 2007 (but official in December 2009). Europe is probably not as big as America or Asia, however we have the biggest number of delegates at the Miss Universe Pageant 2011 with 30 girls. That is one of the reason why Europe should win this year Miss Universe. We've been waiting too long for the moment.  Probably this year is the toughest battle ever, There are so many gorgeous women competing for the title. For us, it is not easy to chooce the top 4 of 30 girls, so we need to split it up into the first top 4 (our sentimental favourites) and the other top 4. So, lets have a look - who are TheIdealBeauty sentimental Favourites? And Who are The top 4? 

TheIdealBeauty sentimental Favourites:

Gold (Top 4) for:

1. Ukraine

Plus – Olesya is TIB’s first sentimental Favourite ever from Ukraine.  There is something very special about her and her aura, when I looked at her photo. She is beautiful and she seems to have a nice and warm personality. For me she is "the perfect choice.

Minus – She seems very quiet and sometimes quite boring.


2. Czech Republic

Plus – Very, very, very, very beautiful face & gorgeous blue eyes. She is natural beauty and definitely TheIdealBeauty’s biggest sentimental favourite.

Minus – sometimes too beautiful and quite boring.


3. Kosovo

Plus – Aferdita has great presence and great confidence! I like it a lot! She is a model and she knows how to look fierce in a photoshoot and she knows how to works on the runway.

Minus – I think she is a tough girl, and sometimes too tough.


4. Netherlands

Plus – Great body and very tall, modern look, beautiful face and she is a very nice and lovely  person. She is definitaly one of the best from Europe and Netherlands deserves to get much attention.

Minus – Country factor. she needs to work hard to prove the world that Netherlands deserves it.


Another Gold (Top 4): Greece, Switzerland, Albania, Sweden. (another strong group from Europe)


Silver: Italy, Spain, France, Finland, Hungary


Bronze: Russia, Turkey, Estonia, Poland, Germany

Finalists: Belgium, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Great Britain, Ireland, Montenegro, Slovenia, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic.




Americas (North & South America). The second biggest continent in the world with 19 delegates at Miss Universe Pageants 2011.

Here are TheIdealBeauty Reviews for Americas:


Gold (Top 4) for:

1. Panama

Plus – Sheldry Saez is the best Latina for 2011. She is fierce, hot and sexy, and she has amazing body! TheIdealBeauty heart Sheldry Saez!

Minus – Maybe too sexy for Miss Universe.


2. USA

Plus – Alyssa is a fighter! She is strong and tough! She is a perfect example for all people around the world, that you can reach everything if you work really really hard and if you are really really hot.  „Fall. Fall again. Fall better.“

Minus – She really needs to gain a little bit more weight.


3. Peru

Plus – Natalie hast he most angelic face, angelic smile, angelic aura – She is an angel and she is a front runner.

Minus – She is maybe too sweet for Miss Universe.


4. Brazil

Plus – Country host. The whole “nude photo” controversy. She has the presence, the confidence, and the beauty.

Minus – The whole “nude photo” controversy.


Silver: Venezuela, Costa Rica, Canada, Guatemala

Bronze: Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Nicaragua, Bolivia 

Finalists: Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, Honduras, Paraguay, Uruguay



Asia & Oceania – The biggest continent in the world with 17 delegates at Miss Universe Pageants 2011.     

Here are TheIdealBeauty Reviews for Asia:

Gold (Top 4) for:

1. Australia

Plus - Scherri-Lee Biggs is typical Aussie girl. Beautiful face, young, funny, natural and bubble personality. Just like me, I think Donald Trump will love this girl and I hope she reads this Review :)

Minus – so far nothing.


2. Philippines

Plus –  Shamcey has made amazing transformation. She looks so fresh, sexy and fierce now. For me, Shamcey is more beautiful than last year delegate from the Philippines – Venus Raj.

Minus – Her presence isn’t super strong like Venus Raj.


3. Malaysia

Plus –  I think Deborah has very nice personality, she has the confidence, the attitude and the face like beauty queen. She is very sweet and sometimes too sweet.

Minus –  Country Factor & her Age.


4. China

Plus – A perfect choice for Miss Universe China 2011. She was my favourite from the begining Miss Universe China 2011. I really like her face, her attitute and the height. For me, she is the fiercest Asian delegate this year. I hope she will place very high.

Minus – her smile sometimes, and she really needs to gain a little bit more weight.


Silver for: Indonesia, Israel, Thailand, India


Bronze: Vietnam, Korea

Finalists:  Guam, Japan, Kazahkstan, Lebanon, New Zealand, Srilanka, Singapore.




Africa – The third biggest continent in the world with 10 contestants at Miss Universe Pageants 2011.

Here are TheIdealBeauty Reviews for Africa:


Gold (Top 4) for:

1. Angola

Plus – Leila is definitely the most beautiful delegate from Africa. Her face is so happy and lovely.

Minus – her body, she should works with her body.


2. Ghana

Plus – She was Top 15 Semi-Finalist Miss USA 2009. Erica is a beautiful girl, she is also another strong delegate from Africa. I think she will do well at Miss Universe 2011.

Minus – It is a battle between Ghana or Bahamas.


3. Egypt

Plus –  Her Experience at Miss World Pageant will help her a lot. She has a modern look and everything is beautiful, she has great face, beautiful eyes, beautiful hair, everything is great.

Minus –  Country factor. And her scandal.


4. Mauritius

Plus –  Her unique face and her body is great.

Minus –  Country factor and her complete package.


Silver for: South Africa


Bronze for: Botswana

Finalists: Guyana, Nigeria, Tanzania




Caribbean Islands – with 13 hottest delegates at Miss Universe 2011.

Here are TheIdealBeauty Reviews for Caribbean Islands:


Gold (Top 4) for:

1. Puerto Rico

Plus – Country factor. Viviana was my biggest favourite at Miss Puerto Rico Pageant. She has amazing body, she is confident with herself and I like her a lot.  

Minus – She has too strong face bone structure.


2. Trinidad&Tobago

Plus – Her experience at Miss World Pageant 2008, her Aura is sexy and she has amazing body too.

Minus – Her Age and her height. And I think it is a battle between her an Deborah Henry (Miss Universe Malaysia).


3. Curacao

Plus – She has made amazing transformation, when I saw he latest photos. She is so HOT now! Her body, her face, and her presence... wow! A different person.

Minus – country factor.


4. Aruba

Plus – Gillian could be in a victoria’s secret show. She is a top model, very tall, fierce, and she is stuning.

Minus: I don’t see her as a beauty queen, but she could prove me, that I am wrong.


Silver for: Bahamas, Haiti, Cayman Island

Bronze for: Dominican Republic

Finalists:  British Virgin Island, Jamaica,  St. Lucia, Turck&Caocais, US Virgin Islands




 *TIB's secret Angel: TheIdealBeauty sentimental favourite!


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Date: 31/08/2011

By: danniellefromUSA

Subject: the winner is

miss philippines, 1ST. runner up- australia.....2ndrunnerup.....mauritius 3rdrunnerup...usa....4th quite impress with miss philippines so far and i find miss usa fake!!

Date: 25/08/2011

By: Jaiko

Subject: Please Note

Hehe, Guyana is in South America not Africa btw.

Date: 24/08/2011

By: Plaso

Subject: WTF ??

Suprised to see u keeping Ghana on top South Africa and Botswana over Tanzania !! you seriously need to get your eyes checked up

Date: 24/08/2011

By: Expert 4 U

Subject: Curacao will be the next black Miss Universe!

Go Curacao!

Date: 24/08/2011


Subject: Re: Curacao will be the next black Miss Universe!


Date: 22/08/2011

By: judith

Subject: hello

Go Panama :)

Date: 22/08/2011

By: jack

Subject: hi

philippines deserve to win the miss universe 20111

Date: 20/08/2011



Nice choices! Well done!

Date: 19/08/2011

By: Mike

Subject: Hello

Dam can I take panama home ? I'll make her ma wife and make her legal to live here with me lol she is a hottie Latina. Donde esta Cuba ???? Lol

Date: 19/08/2011

By: Marcus

Subject: USA

I'm from USA And I just saw pictures f miss PANAMA and I'm speachless, she is so gourgeous. She deserves the crown

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