Pawee Ventura - Philippines

About Pawee Ventura:

1. Co-Founder (The Creator) of MISSOSOLOGY

2. eating machine. I crave 4 chicago deep pizza, shawarma, watermelon pearl shake, sansrival, white chocolates, extra cheezy & spicy doritos, mexican melt burger, onion rings. YUM!


4. I go nuts when my baby is near me.. hehe

5. passionate, adventurous, obsessive-compulsive

6. too carefree & laidback

7. my sense of smell is extra sensitive so u better smell good otherwise, i'd sneeze! =)

8. professional crammer, super lazy, always tardy

9. fun is the name of my game!

10. a shy guy in an instance and hyper-friendly the next minute.

11. easily gets weak with just a stare or simple touch... go figure! =)




On The Top - Venezuela

Ricky R.  Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. This graduate in Social Communication is the administrator of the blog On the Top a place were he drains his beauty pageant's vein with a very ethical perspective. The blog was created on may 2009 and since then has been visited for thousands of...

Rozanna Purcell - Ireland

Rozanna Purcell - Top 10 Miss Universe Ireland 2010 & 1st RU The Ideal Beauty Award 2010 (The Most Beautiful Woman in the World). She was flown to Colombia for two weeks of mentoring from pageant expert Miguel Martinez to prepare for Miss Universe 2010 in Las Vegas, U.S., on August 23, 2010....

John Paul Hamilton - USA

John Paul Hamilton is a founding member and director of the "Miss Sinergy" women empowerment program, a competition that crowns a global philanthropic ambassador and is held annually, the competition itself directly benefits breast cancer. He has worked as an event executor, make-up artist and in...

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