Oben Ohne with Morgan Woolard

Editorial/Fashion Photos of The Most Beautiful Woman In the World 2010 Morgan E. Woolard - Oklahoma, USA

photo by Aaron Snow Photography - photocredits by Morgan Woolards


Morgan Elizabeth Woolard (born 1989) is a model and beauty queen from Moore, Oklahoma who was crowned Miss Oklahoma USA 2010. She was also Miss Oklahoma Teen USA 2006. She was named first runner-up at the Miss USA 2010 pageant. She was also a Top 10 Finalist in the Miss Earth United States 2009 pageant.


Thema: Oben Ohne with Morgan Woolard

Date: 15/06/2011

By: Chris Hansen, Dateline NBC

Subject: Re: Special Person

Just what were you trying to do here with this comment, Mr. Nicholson?

Date: 26/05/2011

By: Mark Nicholson

Subject: Special Person

Baby I just want to express your true beauty, you are the hottest babe out of all my facebook friends including the celebs, when I look at you I think candy-O because you are so sweet like candy, your body, your skin, looks like it would melt butter, everything about you is so perfect, you are truly blessed, your breast are like two hard fawns, and when you move you like a sweet sexy gazelle and I seen you on Fox and friends and your personality is so unbelieveable you are a star in every true since of the word, I'm not trying to come on to you or anything like that I just admire you so much and what you truly are, I would'nt ever write in public because I know you are a special person that I truly admire. Love you MarkN

Date: 26/06/2011

By: fun_bec

Subject: Re: Special Person

Dude... your comment just gave me the total creeps! I know Morgan, and I am sure she would feel the same way. Nice of you, but a little "stalker-ish". Did you notice Chris Hanson from NBC commented? He is an expert on "WTF"!

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