Miss World 2011

Miss World 2011, the 61st edition of the Miss World pageant is scheduled to take place at the Earls Court Exhibition Centre on November 6, 2011 in London, after no country showed interest in hosting the event. Alexandria Mills of the United States will crown her successor at the end of the event.

soon: Austria, Bonaire, Botswana, Chile, China, Paraguay, Peru, Scotland, Serbia, Singapore, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, US Virgin Island

The Contestants

/album/the-contestants5/albaniaw-jpg/ Miss Albania World - Isi Topçiu-Ulaj /album/the-contestants5/angolaw-jpg/ Miss Angola World - Edmilza dos Santos /album/the-contestants5/argentina-jpg/ Miss Argentina World - Antonella Kruger /album/the-contestants5/arubaw-jpg/ Miss Aruba World - Gillain Berry
/album/the-contestants5/ausw-jpg/ Miss Australia World - Amber Greasley /album/the-contestants5/bahamasw-jpg/ Miss Bahamas World - Sasha Joyce /album/the-contestants5/barbadosw-jpg/ Miss Barbados World - Taisha Carrington /album/the-contestants5/belw-jpg/ Miss Belgium World - Justine De Jonckheere
/album/the-contestants5/bermudaw-jpg/ Bermuda - Jana Lynn Outerbridge /album/the-contestants5/bolivaw-jpg/ Miss Bolivia World - Yohana Vaca /album/the-contestants5/b-h-jpg/ Miss Bosnia & Herzegovina - Snežana Kuzmanović /album/the-contestants5/brazilw-jpg/ Miss Brazil World - Juceila Bueno
/album/the-contestants5/bulgariaw-jpg/ Miss Bulgaria World - Vania Peneva /album/the-contestants5/canadaw-jpg/ Miss Canada World - Riza Santos /album/the-contestants5/colomw-jpg/ Miss Colombia World - Monica Restrepo /album/the-contestants5/czechw1-jpg/ Miss Czech Republic World - Denisa Domanská
/album/the-contestants5/ecuadorworld2-jpg/ Miss Ecuador World - María Verónica Vargas /album/the-contestants5/ghanaworld-jpg/ Miss Ghana World - Stephanie Karikari /album/the-contestants5/worldindia-jpg/ Miss India World - Kanishtha Dhankhar /album/the-contestants5/icelandworld-jpg/ Miss Iceland World - Sigrún Eva Ármannsdóttir
/album/the-contestants5/israelworld1-jpg/ Miss Israel World - Ella Ran /album/the-contestants5/mexicoworld-jpg/ Miss Mexico World - Cynthia De La Vega /album/the-contestants5/nzealandw-jpg/ Miss New Zealand World -Mianette Broekman /album/the-contestants5/nigeriaw-jpg/ Miss Nigeria World - Sylvia Nduka
/album/the-contestants5/niw-jpg/ Miss Nothern Ireland World - Finola Guinnane /album/the-contestants5/norwayw-jpg/ Miss Norway World - Anna Zahl /album/the-contestants5/panamaw-jpg/ Miss Panama World - Irene Núñez /album/the-contestants5/phw-jpg/ Miss Philippines - Gwendolyn Ruais
/album/the-contestants5/prw-jpg/ Miss Puerto Rico World - Amanda Vilanova /album/the-contestants5/romaniaw-jpg/ Miss Romania World - Alexandra Stanescu /album/the-contestants5/rusiaw-jpg/ Miss Russia World - Natalia Gantimurova /album/the-contestants5/srlw-jpg/ Miss Sierra Leone - Swadu Natasha Beckley
/album/the-contestants5/worldslovak-jpg/ Miss Slovak Republic World - Michaela Nurcikova /album/the-contestants5/spainworld-jpg/ Miss Spain World - Carla García Barber /album/the-contestants5/sloveniaw-jpg/ Miss Slovenia World - Lana Mahnič Jekoš /album/the-contestants5/saw-jpg/ Miss South Africa World - Bokang Montjane
/album/the-contestants5/slw-jpg/ Miss Srilanka World - Pushpika De Silva /album/the-contestants5/swedenworld-jpg/ Miss Sweden World - Nicoline Artursson /album/the-contestants5/trinidadworld-jpg/ Miss Trinidad & Tobago World - Lee Ann Forbes /album/the-contestants5/turkeyworld-jpg/ Miss Turkey World - Gizem Karaca
/album/the-contestants5/ukraineworld-jpg/ Miss Ukraine World - Yaroslava Kuryacha /album/the-contestants5/worldvenezuela2-jpg/ Miss Venezuela World - Ivian Sarcos /album/the-contestants5/vietnamw-jpg/ Miss Vietnam World - Victoria Phạm Thuý Vy /album/the-contestants5/walesw-jpg/ Miss Wales World - Sara Manchipp
/album/the-contestants5/zimbabwew-jpg/ Miss Zimbabwe World - Malaika Mushandu
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Thema: Miss World 2011

Date: 02/11/2011

By: yolanda kustush

Subject: my favorite

Miss Philippines is a big underdog,but I'm confident she will be crowned as the winner

Date: 02/11/2011

By: joseph pascual

Subject: my pick

Miss phillippines ofcourse

Date: 30/10/2011

By: anna

Subject: hoot

serbia is the most beautiful

Date: 30/10/2011

By: Albert

Subject: Miss Curacao is a natural beauty

Curacao for Miss World Winner

Date: 25/10/2011

By: Nuno

Subject: My favorite

Nicile Vera has goods looks and intelect

Date: 25/10/2011

By: Julia

Subject: Beauty

I think Miss Paraguay looks are natural beauty and really deserves to be in the front contestants

Date: 22/10/2011

By: Sandra

Subject: best favoutites

for me Serbia, Russia and Poland

Date: 27/09/2011

By: catalina

Subject: miss puerto rico

I loved Miss Puerto Rico, Amanda Vilanova

Date: 27/08/2011

By: peter


My favorites are : Serbia, Mexico, Ireland

Date: 26/08/2011

By: Dhimas

Subject: Hot Pick

My Predictions
Ireland for Miss World Winner.

Iceland, Venezuela.

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