Miss Asia Pasific World 2011

Miss Asia Pacific World 2011, will held in Busan, Seoul, South Korea. Around 70+ women will compete for the title. The pageant (formerly known as ‘Asia’ or 'Pacific' or Australasia' or ‘Asia Pacific’ Competition since the 1960s) that combines a beauty pageant and a supermodel search into one event is a super talent competition for discovering future global stars such as film stars, models, talents, spokeswomen and singers from Asia, Pacific, C.I.S., Europe. Africa, America.

Lawrence Choi the founder of Miss Asia Pacific World Competition developed drawing a spectacular array of beautiful glam slam pageants titleholders, attracted Asia's top personalities, Kpop and Korean Wave to judge the events. The combination is an unprecedented success. The top winning contestants will be given opportunities to become top stars within a short period of time in Korea, Japan, China, India, Australasia and Southeast Asia through the newly formed OAPE (One Asia Pacific Endeavor) System led by the mutual, integrated talent, artist management, agencies, media and production alliances in Asia Pacific. source: miss asia pasific world organization.


soon: Argentina, Bahamas, Ethiopia, Guatemala

The Contestants

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Thema: Miss Asia Pasific World 2011

Date: 26/08/2011

By: Dhimas

Subject: Asia Queen

Indonesia will be crown new Miss Asia Pacific 2011.

Date: 31/07/2011


Subject: love


Date: 27/09/2011

By: Indonesia

Subject: Re: love

Philippines is too dumb to make it! Thats why she didnt make Miss Earth

Date: 28/07/2011

By: Steven

Subject: ASIA

I think Indonesia or Canada will take the crown..!

Date: 27/07/2011

By: Chilton

Subject: PROUD

I'm very proud and thankful..!! TheIdealBeauty for Miss Asia Pasifc World 2011

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