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Welcome to EIWTBPQ (Exclusive Interview With The Beauty Pageant Queens) with Kelly Weekers, Miss Universe Netherlands 2011

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TIB (Chilton) - Who is Kelly Weekers? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am Kelly Weekers, 21 years old. I am a student at the university of Maastricht. Recently I got my bachelors degree in Psychology. For now I am planning to enjoy my year being Miss Netherlands Universe and after that I will continue my studies to get my masters degree in Child Psychology. Since 6 years I am also working as a model doing shoots and shows in the Netherlands and abroad. I always enjoyed this a lot so this made me interested in the pageant world. I decided to sign myself up for the provincial pageant and now, two and a half months later, I am Miss Netherlands Universe. So happy!

TIB (Chilton) - Tell us something that will make us remember you.

My friends always tell me that it is typically “Kel” to be very down to earth. They love it that from the outside I am always glitter & glamour but from the inside I am as normal as it gets. I think it is important to stay friendly and respectful to everyone. I am not easily upset: I never think in problems, always solutions. Also they love my sarcastic humour, something I inherited from my father. I love making jokes. Nothing better than having fun with friends and having a big smile on your face. And you can definitely remember me as the girl that always wants to keep everything clean and organized. Maybe I am the reincarnation of a cleaning lady ;-)

TIB (Chilton) - Can you tell us 3 things that you think is so typical Netherlands.

Definitely the good cheeses! I love cheese and the best are made in Holland. When I am abroad I always try to find something similar and then end up disappointed. I just love typical Dutch foods! Also when I think of Holland I think of bicycles. Everyone owns one (or more) and I can not imagine the Netherlands without them. And last but not least I would say a good cup of coffee is typically Dutch. Every day the Dutchies drink lots of coffee. For me yoghurt with muesli and fruit and a nice cup of coffee is the best start of the day! They better have good coffee in Brasil ;-)!

TIB (Chilton) - What do you think? Can Netherlands win Miss Universe this year?

It is never easy to win Miss Universe since the most beautiful girls from all over the world are entering this pageant. This year there is some strong competition. In my opinion hard work (and a bit of luck) pays of so it is definitely possible. I just want to enjoy the experience and try my best and who knows what happens then. Maybe I will pull an Angela Visser on the 12th of September! ;-)



TIB (Chilton) - Would you give up your title as Miss Universe Netherlands 2011 for 10 Million US-Dollars? Why?

Can I also choose both? ;-) Without joking, I would not give my title up for money. For me this is a once in a lifetime experience that I will never forget and is not replaceable with money. This year I will make so many good memories that I would never want to miss out on. I want to represent my country abroad and make them proud. Hopefully my reign as Miss Netherlands will be paired with collecting money though. This way I can be Miss Netherlands Universe and at the same time use this money to do well for charity. Still a lot of good causes can use our help so 10 million would be perfect for that!

TIB (Chilton) - What is the most important lesson a person should learn in life?

The most important lesson in life is that nothing is impossible to accomplish if you are willing to work for it. A lesson that goes for education or your career but also for friendship, family bounds and love. In these busy times you must never forget to invest in yourself and the people around you. So this is the piece of advice I would give someone to lead a fullfilling life! Oh my, I really sound like a psychologist already ha-ha.


TIB (Chilton) - Which word do you not like to hear at all? Why?

I don’t have a typical word that I don’t like but a lot of behaviours that I don’t like. I hate it when people are rude, don’t close their mouth when they chew on food, are being late all the time, are being very pessimistic, … I can go on for a while if you want me to ha-ha. I just have these certain tics, sometimes I’m kind of strange ;-).

TIB (Chilton) - What song will put a lump in your throat every time you hear it?

I really do not have a song that does that. Of course I have a few favourites that never go out of style but the again I am always craving for something new. When I hear a song that I like sometimes I will play it so many times a day that in the end I will get so totally fed up with it that I never want to listen to it again!



TIB (Chilton) - When have you been very proud of yourself in your life?

The most signicant accomplishment in my life is finishing my schools and getting my Bachelors degree in Psychology at the university of Maastricht. I personally believe that a bright future starts with a good education so this is something I’m very proud of. And of course I felt very proud of myself when I won the title Miss Netherlands Universe. I worked hard for it the past months so I felt really good when the judges appreciated the effort I made and were willing to give me this incredible chance.

TIB (Chilton) - If I came to your home and looked in refrigerator, what would I find?

Cola light, butter, cheese, yoghurt and fruit and a still undefined meal. I go to the supermarket almost every day because I decide on the day itself what I like to have for dinner. I love food. If I had to name my favourite hobby I would say eating ha-ha. My dinner can be anything from typical Dutch foods to Italian, Mexican, Chinese and so fort.

TIB (Chilton) - If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

Probably in my walk-in-closet that I want to someday have in the future. I want it to be so big that an elephant would fit right in ha-ha. Yes, I am a girly-girl. OMG, I love fashion! Have to have a walk-in-closet definitely!


TIB (Chilton) - Before you meet your prince charming, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. Your comments?

I think it is true. I do believe in love and sharing my life with that person that feels like my soulmate. On the other hand I think the basis of a good relationship is to have some earlier experience in love. This way you will find out what you want I a person/relationship and what you really do not want. When you have experienced love before you will not feel the urge to search for it in other places than with your boyfriend/husband.


TIB (Chilton) - What is your special message to your fans, and to all people around the world?

Thanks for all the support I received in the last weeks!! I had so many sweet and kind messages, I loved it! I hope that I can make all of you proud on the 12th! All the support really makes me look forward to Miss Universe 2011 even more! Dear fans, love you all and I can’t wait to meet you!! Big Kiss Kelly xxx!

TIB (Chilton) - What do you think about TIB, TheIdealBeauty?

In think TIB is great! Before I signed up for the Miss Netherlands pageant I didn’t know the ins and outs of the pageant world. It was the Facebook page of TIB that made me aware of what it is all about. There was also a lot of attention for the Miss Netherlands competition (shout out to Chilton!!) And I absolutely love the fast updates of TIB, HOT news all the time :-)! Will definitely keep following TIB in the future.



Kelly, TheIdealBeauty wish you the best luck in Brazil!

Interviewed by Chilton Sampono (TheIdealBeauty's Moderator for Netherlands)



Special Thanks to

Kim Kötter (National Director of Miss Universe Netherlands & Germany)  @KimKotter

Kelly Weekers (Miss Universe Netherlands 2011) @MissUniverseNL

Willem van Walderveen (The Photographer of Miss Universe Netherlands)




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