Justine De Jonckheere

Welcome to EIWTBPQ (Exclusive Interview With The Beauty Pageant Queens) with Justine De Jonckheere, Miss Universe Belgium 2011

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TIB - Who is Justine De Jonckheere? Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Justine I’m almost 19 years old and I am studying law.  I live in Belgium with my parents. I was named Miss Belgium 2011 on the 9th of January. If I had to describe myself in three words, they would be: ‘social’, ‘flexible’ and ‘patient’. I love to be with people and to laugh!
I guess the fact that I’m a very empathic person was one of the reasons why I was elected the new Miss Belgium.


TIB - Tell us something that will make us remember you.

Justine People often tell me that I look a bit like Brigitte Bardot but I think that my personality is something that makes me different. I hope people will remember me as a Miss Belgium who is always smiling and who enjoys her ‘job’.


TIB - Can you tell us 3 things that you think are typically Belgian?

1/ French Fries … They should have called them “Belgian” Fries.
2/ Chocolate
3/ Manneke Pis, the famous statue in Brussels


TIB - What do you expect to gain by participating in pageants? Why?

Justine I would like to discover new countries, meet new people and learn a bit more about myself by participating in the international elections. It seems like a wonderful and unforgettable experience!


TIB - How will pageant competitions help you develop as a person?

Justine I think you can learn a lot about yourself if you are away from the people who normally surround you. It will make me more independent. I still live with my parents and I haven’t travelled that much so I will be confronted with new situations.



TIB - What do you want to achieve in life?

Justine First of all I want to be and stay healthy. This seems perfectly normal for a lot of people but being healthy is not always a given for everyone. This year I’d like to focus on the fact that I’m Miss Belgium and push myself so that I know I have reached the limits of what I am capable of. After this year, I want to continue studying so that I can obtain a degree.


TIB - Which word do you not like to hear at all? Why?

Justine Any words that are hurtful. Some people can be so mean and don’t realize they are being hurtful when they judge others and say unkind things.


TIB - What song brings lump to your throat every time you hear it?

Justine Natasha Beddingfield – “All over again”
This is the song that was played in the Miss Belgium final on national television when there were only 5 finalists left. It gives me goose bumps.  


TIB - At what point in your life did you feel  very proud of yourself?

Justine The moment I was crowned Miss Belgium 2011. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I saw my parents and all the press running on the stage, I felt so proud.



TIB - If I came to your home and looked in fridge, what would I find?

Justine I always have some soft drinks in the fridge for when I have visitors but I also like to have some yoghurt and fruit.


TIB - If I gave you an elephant where would you hide it?

Justine I like animals and I would never hide one because you can’t take care of them properly so I would offer the elephant to the zoo. They would treat it better than I would.


TIB - Before you meet your prince charming, you have to kiss a lot of frogs. Your comments?

Justine That’s only a fairy tale. Some relationships don’t work out but that doesn’t mean this person is bad. Some relationships are based on love at first sight and last forever. I prefer to believe in these kinds of stories.


TIB - (Last question) What special message do you have for your fans, and to all people around the world?

Justine It is better to be hated for what you are than to be loved for something you are not.
I think it’s very important to be yourself and I also would like to tell people that they shouldn’t judge people if they know nothing about them.


Justine, TheIdealBeauty wish you the best luck in Brazil!

credits: Justine de Jonckheere (Miss Universe Belgium 2011), Michèle Servayse - missbelgium.be 





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