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Guten Tag!

Hi friends, 

Welcome to TheIdealBeauty.De

Many of you are asking us, what exactly theidealbeauty.de is. Founded & Based in 2006 (official in December 2009) in Germany and USA, we are just beauty pageant fans and follow some prestigious beauty pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, and Miss USA (soon Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Asia Pasific World). We are trying to give our friends updates, photos and some new infos. And at the end of the year, we search for the most beautiful woman in the world – and crown her as the ideal beauty girl. People around the world can vote the winner and then give comments and support.


TheidealbeautyDe is getting bigger (more than 150,000 page views in a year), so we want to thank to all beauty queens, the national directors, the photographers, the organizations and to all friends around the world, who support and help us since last year. This new Site is dedicated to all of you, friends. Have fun and enjoy here! Come In and Find Out! 

Our goal is to give you information about the pageants, making contacts with many the beauty queens and all people around the world and have fun and joy in this cyber world. Feel free to visit this website or join our
FB group, If luck shone upon us, we would see each other someday in real life.


thank you!

TIB Team